Question: How rare is a ISTP?

Among men, it is the third most common type in the population. Among women, it is the fourth rarest. ISTPs make up: 5% of the general population.

How common is the Istp personality type?

Virtuosos enjoy lending a hand and sharing their experience, especially with the people they care about, and its a shame theyre so uncommon, making up only about five percent of the population.

What is ISTPs bad?

ISTPs dont deal well with the inability to move forward, make a decision or act in the moment. Waiting and deliberating is the much greater challenge. Their inability to be patient and their aversion to being bored can fuel their impulsiveness and hedonism in unhealthy ways as they seek their adrenaline fix.

Why are ISTPs boring?

ISTPs often become bored easily if they cannot keep their minds busy. ISTPs enjoy thrills and excitement in life, wanting to keep themselves excited and distracted. The ISTP will become bored if they are forced to stay stagnant for too long, without anything to keep their minds busy.

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