Question: How do I give someone my Skype address?

What is my Skype address?

Where can I find my Skype ID? Select your profile picture. Select Skype profile, and both your Skype Name and the Microsoft Account youre signed in with are displayed in your profile.

How do I send my Skype contact details to someone?

Go to the profile of the contact you want to share. Select Share contact. Select Send next to the contacts you want to share with.

What information do you need to Skype someone?

Answer: It is advisable that you give your Skype details if you will be expecting a call from another Skype user. You can give information which you included in your Skype profile such as location, registered email address, Skype username or phone number to make it easier for friends and family to find you.

Is it safe to give someone my Skype ID?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to hide your Skype name from your contacts. Your Skype Name is available to them when viewing your Profile screen. If your Skype Name has the form live:name, then it is indeed possible to guess the domain of the email associated with this name.

Why is my Skype ID random?

Your Skype Name is the username that was created when you first joined Skype that may have been autogenerated for you. Your new Skype Name will be a string of letters and numbers autogenerated by Skype when your account is created which cannot be modified.

Do you need a mobile number for Skype?

Can people call me in Skype from their mobile or landline? Yes, but youll need a Skype Number for them to call you on. Skype is not a replacement for your telephone and should not be used for emergency calling.

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