Question: How much did Jared Padalecki get paid for Supernatural?

His salary is $125,000 per episode which works out to around $2.5 million season.

How much do Jensen and Jared make per episode?

Jensen Ackles salary per episode on Supernatural is $175,000. That makes him richer than his co-star Jared Padalecki.

How much did the actors make in Supernatural?

The actor has also been seen in popular shows like Smallville, Dark Angel and Days of Our Lives. According to, Jensen Ackles net worth is $14 million. The actor reportedly used to get paid $175 thousand for each episode of Supernatural.

How much did Sam and Dean make on Supernatural?

That doesnt sound like much when compared to the gargantuan $1 million per episode salaries of The Big Bang Theory leads - or even the $500,000 per episode that Kevin Spacey gets for House of Cards - but considering that Supernatural produces 23 new episodes per year, that still works out to Ackles hauling in a cool ...

What is Daniel Ezra salary?

Daniel Ezra net worth: Daniel Ezra is a British actor who has a net worth of $1.5 million. He is best known for starring as Spencer James on the television series All American.

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