Question: Who resigned from CJAD during ice storm?

Who resigned from CJAD during the ice storm?

Jim Duff, host of the 1600 to 1900 Drive with Duff programme felt that more time on CJFM should have been devoted to CJAD programming than simply the news broadcasts and he quit over the point.

How old is CJAD?

CJAD (800 AM) is a commercial radio station operating in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The station has an English language news/talk radio format and identifies itself on-air as CJAD 800....CJAD.ProgrammingFirst air dateDecember 8, 1945Call sign meaningJoseph-Arthur Dupont (founder)Technical informationClassB16 more rows

What a CJAD?

Community Justice Assistance Division (CJAD)

What channel is CJAD 800 on Bell Fibe?

The plan is to keep the three channels going forward: HD1: Rouge FM. HD2: CJAD 800. HD3: TSN 690.

What happened to Terry DiMonte?

Montreals radio legend spent his last day on air with a series of surprise guests, including the prime minister. Through tears, CHOM 97.7 host Terry DiMonte signed off for the last time as the popular morning host. After 43 years in the business, CHOMs Terry DiMonte announced Tuesday he will be retiring.

Who is Trudie Mason married to?

Trudie and Kevin have two children and live in Pierrefonds.

Who is on CJAD now?

WeekdaysThe Andrew Carter Morning Show. All the news, traffic, weather and sports info you need with a smile.The Elias Makos Show. The Natasha Hall Show. The Evan Solomon Show. The Aaron Rand Show. The Night Side with Jon Pole. Todays Entrepreneur. Passion with Doctor Laurie.

How do I contact CJAD?

CJAD contact informationListener line in studio. 514-790-0800.Reception. 514-989-2523.Newsroom. 514-989-3838.

How do I contact Cjad?

CJAD contact informationListener line in studio. 514-790-0800.Reception. 514-989-2523.Newsroom. 514-989-3838.

What channel is TLN on Bell?

Channel 700 TLN (TV channel)ProgrammingSatelliteBell Satellite TVChannel 700 (East) (SD)Shaw DirectChannel 367 / 800 (East) (HD, SD until 2018)IPTV26 more rows

Who did Terry DiMonte marry?

I signed an eight-year contract that has come to a conclusion, he said thanking his many coworkers, family and friends. He had a special word for his wife, Jessica Dionne DiMonte.

Is Ted Bird married?

Ted lives in the Montreal municipality of Beaconsfield with his wife, Danielle, and children Sam, Charlie and Allie.

What time is the Aaron Rand Show on CJAD?

5:25 PM Aaron Rand informs and entertains as you get home with news, traffic, interviews and a little fun. Take your shot at the cash prize jackpot on the News Quiz, daily, at 5:25 PM.

How do you text to 800?

You can now text AM800 CKLW! Comments, news & traffic tips or just say Hi!

How do I get all channels on Bell Satellite?

To display all the channels, press the GUIDE button repeatedly on your Bell Satellite TV remote control until All Chan appears on the TV screen.

How can I watch Serie A in Canada?

How to watch Italian Serie A in Canada. The Italian Serie A and the Italian Coppa Italia are available exclusively on fubo Sports Network (fSN) Canada. Heres the latest schedule. Matches that have been assigned a channel can also be found on the Sports or Guide screens, or by searching for a specific team.

What happened to Ted Bird?

Ted Bird, a familiar voice on the Montreal radio landscape, has left CHOM-FM after 17 years on the air. Bird tells CTV News that he is leaving the rock station for unspecified personal reasons. CHOM-FM vice president and general manager Martin Spalding says Bird resigned suddenly on January 1.

What it means to see a red bird?

For many bird lovers, the sight of a cardinal holds special meaning, sometimes evoking emotional or spiritual feelings. They say the vibrant red bird is an uplifting, happy sign that those we have lost will live forever, so long as we keep their memory alive in our hearts.

How do I contact Aaron Rand?

PhonesListener line in studio 514-790-0800.Reception 514-989-2523.Newsroom 514-989-3838.

What is the cheapest satellite TV package?

DISH Flex Pack package What is the cheapest satellite TV package? The cheapest satellite TV package is the DISH Flex Pack package for $42.99 per month.

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