Question: What are Facebooks privacy policies?

The main thing you can opt out of is making data public on your profile. That may protect you from other users prying eyes, but Facebook and its partners keep data access. Facebook keeps data until its no longer necessary or you delete your account.

What should a privacy policy include?

A Privacy Policy generally covers: The types of information collected by the website or app. The purpose for collecting the data....Examples of personal information might include:Names.Dates of birth.Email addresses.Billing and shipping addresses.Phone numbers.Bank details.Social security numbers.6 May 2021

Can you copy someone elses terms and conditions?

Copying someone elses terms and conditions is illegal. Under US copyright laws, terms and conditions are copyright protected. Your competitors dont have to look hard to find out that you stole their policies. In the best-case scenario, you get a cease and desist from your competitor.

What do I need in a privacy policy?

It is also important to include the following information in your privacy policy:A summary of the technical data collected and/or passed on (i.e. IP addresses, email addresses, etc.)A summary of the personal data collected and/or passed on (i.e. name, address, etc.) •25 Feb 2021

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