Question: What questions should I ask about a degree?

What questions should I ask about university?

20 Questions to Ask a University Admissions RepresentativeWhat makes your university unique?What academic programs is your school most known for?How would you describe the students who go there? Where do students hang out on campus? •24 Sep 2014

What questions should I ask about a course?

Here are nine questions you should ask in order to find out if the course youre interested in is right for you.How will I learn? How often and what kind of work will I have to submit? What kind of feedback can I expect? How will I be assessed? What group sizes will I be taught in? How many topic areas will I study? •24 Aug 2021

What questions should I ask at an education fair?

What to ask at a university fair…about the universityDoes your university offer the course Im interested in? Why should I apply to your university? What are the university facilities like? Is accommodation guaranteed? Whats the weakest aspect of this course at your university?

What should I ask at an open day?

What to ask at a University Open DayHow will the course be assessed?How many students will be on the course?What careers have recent graduates gone on to?Is there an opportunity to take a placement? What does a placement/year abroad mean and what does it do?What sort of student support provision is in place? •21 Jun 2018

How do you ask for course details?

Respected Sir/ Madam, I am _________ (Name) and I am most respectfully writing this letter to you in order to seek information about ________ (Course). I cleared my exams and now I want to apply for higher education in your reputed college i.e. __________ (College Name).

What happens at an open day?

A university open day is a day – or days – throughout the year, when a university invites prospective students onto their campus to take a look around. Youll also be able to meet staff and current students, and find out more about different study programs and extra-curricular activities.

What do you do at an open day?

Open days are organised by universities to give you the chance to visit and experience the university firsthand. They help you to make decisions on what and where youd like to study and can usually tell you more about a uni than a prospectus.

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