Question: Which two Jacksons married the same woman?

In 1995, Jermaine and Alejandra secretly married, later having children of their own — Jaafar, Donte and Jermajesty.

Why did Jermaine and Hazel divorce?

Jackson divorced Hazel Gordy in the late 80s, after an affair with Margaret Maldonado left him with an illegitimate child.

Randy Jackson – a singer-songwriter, musician and dancer from the Jackson stock but seven years younger than Jermaine and three years younger than Michael missed out on their Motown fame as he was too young. He met Oaziaza in 1986 when she was about 17 and he was 24.

Who is Hazel Gordy married to now?

Jermaine Jacksonm. 1973–1988 Hazel Gordy/Spouse

Who did Jermaine Jackson marry?

Halima Rashidm. 2004 Alejandra Genevieve Oaziazam. 1995–2003Hazel Gordym. 1973–1988 Jermaine Jackson/Spouse

Who married Berry Gordys daughter?

Jackson has been married three times and has seven children. His first marriage was to Motown founder Berry Gordys daughter, Hazel Gordy (born August 24, 1954), which lasted from December 15, 1973 until 1988. He has three children with Hazel: Jermaine La Jaune Jay Jackson Jr., (born January 27, 1977).

Are there two Randy Jacksons?

Randy Jackson is Michael Jacksons younger brother who was born in 1961. Randy is a former member of The Jackson 5. You can read more about Randy Jackson, including what he has been up to in the years following his separation from The Jacksons below.

How old is Hazel Gordy now?

67 years (August 24, 1954) Hazel Gordy/Age

What is wrong with Randy from American Idol?

In 2002, in the midst of his second life-changing season as a judge on American Idol, the former musician and producer was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Who is Hazel Gordy Mom?

Thelma Coleman Hazel Gordy/Mothers

When was Hazel Gordy born?

August 24, 1954 (age 67 years) Hazel Gordy/Date of birth The media celebrity and former model was born on the 24th of August, 1954 in Michigan as the oldest child to Berry Gordy and Thelma Coleman.

Who is the oldest Jackson sibling?

Jackie Jackson Sigmund Esco Jackie Jackson (born May 4, 1951) is an American singer and songwriter best known as a founding member of the Jackson 5. Jackson is the second child of the Jackson family and the oldest Jackson brother....Jackie JacksonChildren4Parent(s)Joe Jackson Katherine JacksonFamilyJacksonMusical career13 more rows

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