Question: What does MBOK mean?

What does mbok means? The slang mbok means simply meaning please or abeg, which stands for Mentoring Body of Knowledge but the Nigerian version.

What does MBOK mean in Nigeria?

please @ezzienekong: The word Mbok, an ibibio and efik tribe word meaning please gained so much popularity in Nigeria. 2017 saw mbok widely used as an exclamation on social media platform.

What does MBOK stand for?

MBOKAcronymDefinitionMBOKManagement Body of Knowledge

What does Zbn mean?

ZBNZaaye Blog News Business » Companies & FirmsRate it:ZBNBozen, Italy Regional » Airport CodesRate it:

What does Dyb mean in text?

DYBDestroy Your Business Miscellaneous » FunniesRate it:DYBDrive Your Business BusinessRate it:DYBDulles Youth Basketball Sports » Basketball -- and more...Rate it:DYBDuxbury Youth Baseball Community » YouthRate it:DYBDo Your Best Internet » ChatRate it:11 more rows

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