Question: Will crash soon meaning?

What does Im gonna crash mean?

Im going to crash ← When two objects hit each other (like two cars) we say they crashed. When you are really tired, your body will crash into the bed!

What does it mean to crash at someones place?

intransitive ​informalto sleep somewhere for the night, usually when you did not plan to do this. You can crash at my place if you like. Synonyms and related words. To sleep, or to go to sleep. sleep.

Does crashed mean sleep?

If someone crashes out somewhere, they fall asleep where they are because they are very tired or drunk.

What type of word is crash?

crash (noun) crashing (adjective) crash–land (verb)

What does it mean to crash out?

verb (intr, adverb) slang. to go to sleep. to spend the night (in a place)we crashed out at Johns place.

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